Be There: Parent Workshop

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  This week's "Be There" takes us to Wesley Heights Elementary School in Columbus where they are finding new ways to help students with math, but as News Leader Nine found out, its not students you'll find sitting at the desks.

For some, math is as easy as 1, 2, 3, but other students really struggle with the subject.

Wesley Heights Elementary Parent Content Coordinator Cindy Roberts said, "We all know in Muscogee County and in the nation that the math scores are not where they need to be. This is one of our efforts to raise those math scores and to get parents involved in raising those math scores."

Wesley Heights Elementary held a math workshop for parents, sharing new ways to incorporate the subject at home.

Aisha Childs is the mother of a 5th grade boy at the school. She told News Leader Nine, "The parents can get enough information for their child to learn math problems and help through the school year or through life."

Roberts added, "We're going to help parents come up with ways and introduce ways they can help their children with their math skills."

Roberts explained a retired teacher shared about teaching the basics of mathematics and then using things around the house to demonstrate, "A math teacher from Wesley Heights is going to share ways to use everyday things at home like the newspaper, restaurant menus and things like that. Just to show everyday ways we can help them."

Other items include coupons, flash cards and coins.

"Counting money, pennies and quarters. He's good with that and he's learning to buy stuff from the store so he loves that," said Childs.

Parents like Aisha Childs, say the most important tip they took home was the simple act of double checking their child's homework, "I learned to make sure he checks his math problems to get it right so he can make a good grade."

The parent workshop was held as a "lunch and learn" and the school does several of these throughout the year to help parents.

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