Post-Holiday shopping booming in East Alabama

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

OPELIKA, AL  (WTVM) - The National Retail Federation is predicting this post-holiday shopping season will be the best the country has had in the last four years, possibly ever, and Opelika retailers are doing all to make sure that happens.

Southern Crossing, a Boutique on Railroad Avenue, has 50% off all Christmas merchandise and Kathy Penton, part owner of the store says it was busy all day, "It's been wild. It started at 9:30 this morning we opened 30 minutes early and there was a line out the door. It was just boom, boom, in fact we had to get laundry baskets out to put all the items in there they were getting."

Local Boutiques and National Retailers like the ones in the mall, are slashing prices left and right to lure customers of all ages. Maria Tatum says, "We are here because we are looking for bridesmaid dresses actually so we were hoping we could find some good deals."

Penton says they rush of customers will continue to last throughout the week and although they always have a great turnout with after Christmas sales, this year is busier.

"We'll have lots of people in here, picking up the things, some people try to come in and like hide what they want in case they can't get here."

This year's sales are being recognized for the large percentages on those red signs; percentages that knock off money from your receipt and keep it in your wallet.

But for some it's not just the number on the sign, it's the bigger picture

"You can save money and especially in this economy that we've been dealing with for the last couple of years to save any money. 30%, 20 %, 70 is great so yeah I'm excited." Said Toni Brown, a local shopper.

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