Task Force set out for 19 alleged drug dealers

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

CHAMBERS COUNTY, AL  (WTVM) - Wednesday morning was the end to a six month long investigation by the Chambers County Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force. The force set out with a list of 19 alleged marijuana drug dealers, who they want off the streets.

"We've purchased drugs over a period of time from numerous individuals and today concludes the investigation and we just went out and rounded up the dealers." Said Sgt. Mike Parrish.

Sgt. Mike Parrish, Commander in the Task Force, says It's been a successful morning to say the least, 16 of those 19 dealers were taken into custody within hours of beginning the roundup, and for the three left that we're not home, Parrish says they hope to make the arrests within the next 24 hours.

"All of my guys they work hard, work long hours and then ya know all the other agencies that helped round these guys up this morning."

It's hard work with months of dedication and preparation but Parrish says, knowing you've gotten dealers off the streets in the end is well worth it.

"This is the kind of stuff law enforcement lives for just to get out put the handcuffs on the bad guys and get them off the streets."

The defendants in this case will be held in the Chambers County Detention Center Facility, without bond, until they see a judge, which will probably happen within 72 hours.

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