Spine Health

The Back: A Masterpiece
Your back is a well-designed structure made up of bone, muscles, nerves, ligaments and tendons. Its pieces connect key parts of the body, and its healthy function is essential for nearly every move the body makes. But the spinal cord, especially in the lower back can be particularly vulnerable to injury and potentially disabling pain.

The Painful Truth 
Back pain is the second most common neurological ailment in the United States (only headaches are more common), and it can isolate you from the people you care about, result in missed days of work and lowered productivity, and interfere with routine activities you may take otherwise for granted. Fortunately, understanding the reasons for back pain can sometimes help to avoid it.

Causes of Back Pain 
There are all types of back and neck pain, from acute to chronic, that can result from an injury, medical condition or naturally occurring cause, such as aging.

• Sports and recreational 
• Overexertion 
• Vertebral compression fracture

Medical Conditions 
• Disc disease 
• Pinched nerves 
• Spinal arthritis 
• Herniated disc 
• Spinal cord tumors 
• Spinal instability 
• Spinal stenosis

Ask your doctor, or contact one of our specialists to find out what you can do to reduce back pain. You'll find some solutions are surprisingly simple. But even in more severe cases, treatment can often help to restore mobility, improve quality of life and diminish pain.