Casing Ceremony held for Third Brigade soldiers

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FORT BENNING, GA (WTVM) -  News Leader Nine takes you to a special ceremony for the Third Brigade on Fort Benning, where they un-case their colors after returning from overseas.

The weather was wonderful for a "Casing Ceremony" on Fort Benning Tuesday morning. The Third Brigade was thanked for their job well done with project "Iraqi Freedom".

"The hammer soldiers you see before you, their endurance, professionalism and commitment to duty is phenomenal," announced Colonel Peter Jones, Commander of the Third Brigade.

With four overseas deployments, the Third Brigade is the most deployed brigade in the army. Now back at Fort Benning, the soldiers took place in a "casing ceremony".

"Before we left, we cased our colors to signify we were departing and deploying to the Iraq theater of operations. Its tradition when a unit arrives, we assumed control of the five provinces in Iraq, we uncased our colors as a transfer of authority from the unit we replaced," Col. Jones told News Leader Nine.

Once the Third Brigade completes their mission, they then reveal their colors back on U.S. soil.

"When the Third Calvary Regimen replaced us in Iraq and we started our redeployment, we cased our colors and now they we have everyone here at Fort Benning, we thought ceremoniously and traditionally it's time to uncase as we complete our re-integration and we prepare for the re-set of the brigade," explained Col. Jones.

The Third Brigade only lost eight of more than 4,000 soldiers on their most recent deployment... And of all their accomplishments, Colonel Jones says their character is what stands out the most, "The professionalism of our soldiers and our non-commissioned officers cannot be matched anywhere in the United States of America. That is what makes the hammer brigade not fancy, just tough. And that's why soldiers strive to come here and strive to stay here."

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