Newton's eligibility safe amid concerns over t-shirts

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

AUBURN, AL  (WTVM) - Concerns are being raised about the eligibility of certain student-athletes at Auburn, like quarterback Cam Newton.

Merchandise being sold with a student's name on it violates NCAA rules.

Scott Carr with Auburn University Athletics says the comments are true, merchandise sold with a student-athlete's name or face does in fact violate NCAA rules.

"As a University, our responsibility is to make sure that we reach out to everybody and make sure that they know what they're doing is wrong and ask them to stop."

One of the new concerns among Auburn fans is merchandise mentioning quarterback Cam Newton, like the recent WAR CAM EAGLE shirts.  Could Newton lose his eligibility as a student athlete?

Carr reassures, that will not happen under the University's Watch. "As long as we're doing everything we can what we need to do from a compliance and licensing standpoint Cam Newton and all our student athletes will be fine, they'll be in good standing with that NCAA but it's certainly something we monitor as an institution."

Carr says this is something every University deals with in athletics, and the NCAA just needs to make sure the school is doing everything they can to stop it.

"We always want to encourage fans to buy products that are licensed; you know you will see the CLC officially licensed stickers."

That includes jerseys found in Auburn stores with student-athlete's numbers...for instance number 2, Cam Newton's number, "well that jersey number in most instances can't just be attributed to one player I mean we have many jersey numbers that we sell and we have multiple players wear that number."

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