Lee County District Attorney Candidates speak of change, future

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

LEE COUNTY, AL  (WTVM) - In the race for Lee County District Attorney, Chief Assistant D.A. Robbie Treese and Attorney Walter Northcutt both agree the biggest challenge facing Lee County Courts is overcrowding in the jails and the ever increasing case loads; but both candidates believe they can bring positive change to the seat.

Northcutt wants to put non-violent criminals in a program, not jail, and get more involved in the community. "We can be more proactive in the community, more proactive in trying to stop crime before it starts and anytime you can stop a crime before it starts you save a victim."

Robbie Treese, wants to improve the efficiency in prosecuting by creating a computer program to streamline information on cases. "If I could pull up that information with a very simple program than we could be more efficient doing the real work of this job which is prosecuting crime and less the administrative tasks that accompany it."

Treese and Northcutt believe experience is what will set them apart.

"16 years as Assistant DA, 130 jury trials so I've got experience but I've also got experience in running a business the DA's office has about 17 employees plus 7 attorneys so it's definitely a business", said Northcutt.

Robbie Treese adds, "It's not just the years, there's a difference being a part time Assistant DA or a full time Chief Assistant District Attorney which is what I am. I think my experience, more so the quality of my experience, is far greater than any of my opponents."

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