Downtown Columbus preps for Halloween festivities

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -If you past through downtown Columbus today you may have notice that it is quite dead. But that won't be the case tomorrow night. Several restaurants and clubs have special activities planned.

"We've stocked up on candy yesterday so we've got all of that set out. We're expecting a lot of people to come in and eat downstairs," Gina Sederstrom said.

They're even planning on having a costume contest; it is all part of the Halloween festivities expected to be taking place in downtown Columbus tomorrow night. Of course everyone wants to have fun; but at what cost? Safety is a main concern for everyone. Earlier today Major Julius Graham with the Columbus Police department told us that officers will be on alert the entire weekend.

"We've have an extra contingent of officers that work on the weekend and of course they are always vigilante for the impaired driver not only that they are always visible for any type of criminal activity may occur," said Major Julius Graham.

Security will be tight at the loft as well. It's an extra measure to insure that everyone will be safe.

"We've got extra security on, we've got extra Columbus police department outside, and so I feel good about this holiday," Senderstrom said.

"By all means be responsible when partying and if you choose to drink then have designated drivers or some other means of being transported home or to your destination," Graham said.

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