Last Minute Campaigning

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Republicans and Democrats took to the air for some last minute campaigning.  Both Georgia Gubernatorial hopefuls stopped in Columbus Monday to push for votes.

Nathan Deal said he is a conservative offering tax cuts.  He wants to get people back to work and give Georgia children a quality education in a down economy.  "I believe this is the time when you are going to see conservatives across the country sweep this election tomorrow.  Because, people are finally realizing that government is too big.  Government is taking too much of their money."

Roy Barnes said his plan includes job creation and stopping teacher furloughs.  The former Georgia Governor also plans to suspend the capital gains tax for two years, "for those that will invest in a Georgia company, invest in a Georgia start up, those that will buy a parcel of Georgia land, or invest in a GA bank that needs re-capitalization."

News Leader Nine asked both of the candidates about the negative campaigning that has happened on both sides, "

"I think it shows he is a desperate candidate. Somebody who is behind probably from the beginning, because people do remember his record when he was governor before and that is the reason they did not elect him 8 years ago," explained Deal.  Barnes said, "I do not cry or whine. I understand it.  I think it is unfortunate but something we have to deal with."

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