Candidates for Columbus council gear up for runoff

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  In Columbus, Tuesday night's midterm election resulted in a runoff in several races.

Now, the candidates for mayor and city council have several more weeks to prepare for another vote on November 30th.

There are two races that have moved into a runoff when it comes to city council- the District 3 seat and city-wide spot.

WTVM met with all of the candidates Wednesday who say they're going back to square one when it comes to campaigning.

Bruce Huff, a local mortician, is looking to get his foot in the door in Columbus politics by becoming city councilor for District 3 in South Columbus.

"We'll be out in the community canvassing and attending events and campaigning all over again. They are looking to attach to someone they can put their hands on and be able to get them to listen and voice their opinions at city council meetings," Huff said.

Huff is up against the incumbent, 12 year Council council veteran and local attorney Julius Hunter, who says he's dedicated himself to revitalizing the area.

"We're trying to get folks to realize what we're trying to accomplish over the past 12 years and I've tried to deal with the issues that pertain to the quality of life. Just remember what some of the areas of our town looked like 20 years ago and look at how they look now and I think folks will see that we really have made a different over the past 12 years," Hunter told News Leader 9.

Meanwhile, candidates in the city-wide council seat are also gearing up for the runoff. Judy Thomas, former executive to current Columbus Mayor Jim Wetherington, is on top but knows the race isn't over yet.

"We hope to get out and talk to as many voters as we can personally one and one and make sure they know what our platform is and what I stand for and the strengths I bring to the office," she said.

Running against her for the city wide spot is local business owner Travis Chambers who is also vying for his first role in the local government.

"Last night was a victory for us. We have to hit the pavement. We have to get back out and knock on the doors and talk to the citizens, making sure that we understand their needs and making sure that they understand who I am and making sure they know that I am the best candidate for that city council seat," said Chambers.

Runoff elections typically have a lower turnout according to elections officials so candidates are asking voters to come out.

The runoff will be held November 30th, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Advanced voting will be held the three days before Thanksgiving.

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