Crime Stoppers: Purse Snatching

Press Release

COLUMBUS, GA - The Columbus Police Department Investigative Services and Crime Stoppers are seeking assistance in locating a Robbery suspect.

On October 22, 2010, just before noontime, a Robbery of a female occurred in the Marshall's Department Store Parking lot.

The 63-year-old female victim was putting merchandise in her vehicle when she heard a male's voice tell her "I want your Purse".

The female victim stated that she turned around and saw a black male standing behind her; she tried to run and screamed for help. The victim was then pushed to the ground and the suspect grabbed her Purse and ran away.

The victim sustained a broken arm, and significant head injury along with other injuries.

The suspect's purse was a" Kate Spada" Purse, black patent leather with short straps. The purse contained a red LG Touch cell phone; burgundy wallet; white sunglass case, and other miscellaneous items.

Suspect Information:
Black male; with short black hair; dark skin; 6'0; 180-200 lbs; clean shaven; wearing a black long sleeve shirt and black pants.

The suspect fled in a red Mercury Grand Marquis with dark tinted windows and a Jay Auto Mall drive-out tag.

A black male wearing a white t-shirt drove the vehicle. A black male wearing a white t-shirt and black hat was in the front passenger seat.

If you have any information or tips concerning any of these crimes, please contact the Columbus Police Department Investigative Services at (706) 653-3400 or call Crime Stoppers at (706) 653-3188.

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Source: Crime Stoppers