Stay safe this winter in your home, car

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - With the temperatures dropping, it is important to be prepared, to avoid disasters. We asked a heating an air specialist what happens if you do not get your heating system checked? 

His answer, "I would say they are playing Russian roulette. Its like taking that chance, because thins will happen over a period of time. A lot of times that's when its most vulnerable and going to beak when its never be serviced," said Roderick Drew, Bi-City Heating and Air.

Also on the priority list, change the filter on your heating system monthly.

Paying for repairs can get expensive. Drew says, making sure your heating system is winter-proof also keeps money in your pocket.

"The biggest problem in houses now a days is leaky ducts. What that means is you are actually blowing air underneath your house or in your attic, making your unit less efficient, and will actually cause your power bill to go up," explained Drew.

For those going the old fashioned way and using a fireplace to keep warm, there are certain types of wood that will keep your chimney clean. Dry hickory or oak is the best choice, according to chimney sweeps.

One local sweep, Ken Craig, said, "Believe it or not, there is such thing as cold fires and cold fires burn dirty. Wet wood burns dirty. Dry wood burns hot and gives you the cleanest burn."

Craig said before you light that first match, get a sweep in your home to check they chimney.  Make sure they are certified.  Click here for other chimney safety basics.

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