Cam Newton's father needed more time and money to fix church

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

(WTVM) – ESPN says the NCAA is investigating the family of Auburn University's quarterback Cameron Newton. 

Recently, a man came forward claiming that he represented the Heisman hopeful during his recruitment out of junior college last year. The man told that he asked for payment to secure Newman's commitment to Mississippi State.

Newton's father, Cecil Newton, is a pastor of a church in Newnan, GA.

He told ESPN that he turned over financial statements from his church, Holy Zion Center of Deliverance, to the NCAA about a month ago.

The NCAA has not confirmed that it is investigating. [Read, +Report: NCAA investigating Auburn QB Newton]

Bishop Newton and his church have been the topic in the local paper, The Times-Herald, for more than a year.

After reviewing city documents, it appears their church building was not up to code.

[Web Extra! Holy Zion Center of Deliverance building permit]

A local newspaper writer told News Leader 9  that the city council gave Bishop Newton time to fix the problem, but it was not solved, so they decided to demolish it.

City Council reporter for the Times-Herald, Elizabeth Melville, said Cam Newton's father told the council that another son was signing to a football team and was giving the church some money from the deal.  "He said he had a different son that played football that was being signed on that expected to get a lot of money from a deal.  He was going to be able to give him some and I think he was going to get some from somewhere else.  I think he was going to get some from somewhere else. He explained the origins of where the money would come from at a council meeting and no one was suspicious at the time."

The other son is Cecil Newton who played the 2009 season with the Jaquars, the NFL team in Jacksonville, FL.

After the construction was completed, the city tells us the building meets minimum requirements.

News Leader Nine asked Cam Newton's mom, Jackie, "Did Cam accept any money?" She answered, "Absolutely not."

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