12-year-old girl hides in closet while home is robbed

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Terrifying moments for a 12-year-old Glenwood student who became the victim of a burglary inside her grandmother's Phenix City home Monday afternoon.

It all began in the Bridgewater subdivision when the girl, who was alone at the time, remembers peaking through the blinds and seeing a man banging on the front door of her home located on Bridgecrest Drive.

"I said somebody is in the house and then she told me to call the police and I did," said the 12-year-old girl, who wishes to remain anonymous.

For nearly five minutes, the girl tells us she was hiding behind layers of clothes, inside her bedroom closet, as a burglar kicked open the garage door to her grandmothers home.

"I was scared," she said. "I heard people walking around and whispering and they went into my brother's room and stole his Xbox."

Joann English, the girl's grandmother, says the young girl dialed 911 and the dispatcher stayed on the phone until Phenix City police arrived. She adds a television and a small amount of cash was also taken. She is thankful her granddaughter is safe.

"She was just terrified, shaking, and crying," said English. "You think you live in a safe neighborhood. I really thought we did."

As of Monday evening, Phenix City police tell us they have no suspects. The girl's grandmother says a witness told her, she saw three men leaving the home. One neighbor, in the subdivision, says news of the burglary isn't the first.

"I've lived here since January and talking to neighbors around here of thirty years, burglaries don't happen," Jay O'Neil explained. "But, in the past month, I'm told there have been about six to nine."

Phenix City police tell News Leader Nine they're unaware of the reported burglary problem in Bridgewater subdivision. They urge anyone with information to call them at (334) 448-2817.

As for the girl, who hid from the burglar, she is doing fine.

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