Are Cam Newton Allegations Ruining Heisman Hopes?

By Andrew Wittenberg  - bio | email | Twitter

AUBURN, ALA (WTVM) - The whirlwind of accusations continues to fly around Auburn University quarterback Cam Newton.

New reports from ESPN allege Newton and his father Cecil were involved in a "pay to play" scandal during his recruitment out of junior college this time last year.

Fast forward 12 months, the Auburn Tigers are 10-0, Newton had been barreling toward the Heisman Trophy.

But new reports of recruiting violations against Newton and his father are threatening to derail that campaign.

Today, Auburn head coach Gene Chizik declined to comment on the new allegations, but addressed Newton's eligibility for Saturday's game against Georgia during the weekly SEC head coaches teleconference.

"I want to get off the table up front the fact that Cameron Newton will be playing Saturday against the Georgia Bulldogs. I want to get that off the table," Chizik said.

"If there is anybody that has any questions that relate to this game Saturday, I'd love to entertain those questions only. Thank you," Chizik said.

Auburn students, like senior Angelica Johnson, are more than willing to discuss the hottest topic on campus.

"I believe that Cam has represented Auburn and I just think he's done the best job he can on the field and off the field and I just think everything is pure garbage," Johnson said.

Also, students are quick to support their quarterback Cam Newton, with the biggest question being, where is the proof?

Or is this little more than a smear campaign to hurt Newton's Heisman chances?

"If there was really truth to it, then when they reported this first off, stuff would have been happening, a lot quicker. If the NCAA and SEC thought there was that much truth to it, then there would have been a lot more going on up until now," Auburn senior Chris Shumate said.

And as allegations continue to surface, the majority of students and fans are content to cheer on Newton between the lines until something is proven, one way or another, outside them.

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