Witnesses brought in for Courtney Lockhart trial

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

OPELIKA, AL  (WTVM) - It was an emotional day from the very beginning. The first witnesses were those who drove past Lauren Burk in her final moments on North College Street as they said she stood naked except for socks on her feet, crying, waving her arms to passing cars for help.

As one witness told District Attorney Nick Abbett, Lauren looked right in my eyes, she was terrified and in pain, Lauren Burk's mother began sobbing.

Two witnesses told the courtroom, after seeing Lauren they turned around in Farmville Baptist Church's parking lot where a black Honda Civic was blocking the exit, with the passenger door open for 1-2 minutes. Witnesses say the driver than slammed the door and sped off on College Street towards Auburn. The witnesses then being able to exit, head the opposite way to Lauren both the defense and prosecution heavily questioned the witnesses from the parking lot on the car.

Burk's car that she was allegedly kidnapped in and that was later set on fire in the Hill parking lot on Auburn University's campus was a black Honda Civic.

Pictures were presented of the area where Lauren took her last breaths showing blood spots, pools of blood, and abrasion marks on the road believed to be from when Lauren jumped out of the car.

Lauren Burk's mother sobbed as she saw pictures and heard testimonies from people who saw her daughter in those final moments.

Lauren's sister cried and every time a piece of evidence was shown or a testimony was given she stared at Lockhart shaking her head, waiting to see if he showed emotion.

Burk's father took the stand to testify having to identify his little girl that left jurors and most of the courtroom in tears...he told the court he had just talked to Lauren at 5 o'clock that night and looking straight in Lockhart's eyes said "she lost her whole future.

Judge Walker recessed court at 2:40 central and it will resume Monday morning at 8:30 central.

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