New group plans to rid neighborhood of crime

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -The mill town of Bibb City in Columbus once flourished as one of the most prominent in the area. But neighbors have seen more prostitutes, drug dealers, and violence recently. Now, the newly formed "Bibb city against drugs" is working to push criminals out.

"We all have a right to live in peace so we are trying to do something about it," Chris Johnson.

Chris Johnson, president of the new anti-drug group, has lived in Bibb City all his life. He tells us that he and others who live here are fed up with crime.

"I've had people approach me and tell me they didn't like the way things were turning out for Bibb city and it just gave me motivation," Johnson said.

Columbus Crime prevention director Seth Brown was also at Friday night's rally.  He tells us that citizens are vital in the effort to reduce crime in this community.

"This is part of the crime preventions plan we've always said if the citizens don't get involved then our program is not going to work," Brown said.

"Law enforcement, they've got their hands full we do this we can help them out a great deal by pulling together and looking out for each other watching each other's back," Chris Johnson said.

And members of nearby neighborhood watch organizations banded together with the new team in Bibb City, marching with them, to let criminals know they're not welcome there anymore.

"With the help of the citizens we can take these neighborhoods back, we can make a difference and Columbus can be the safest city in American," Brown said.

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