Muscogee County School District buying 91 acres of land

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Muscogee County School District has been working closely with the Development Authority of Columbus to find new property. And although plans for the land are not set in stone, the school district is one step closer to expanding.

"We know how limited space is in Muscogee County and we're looking overall in Muscogee County to see what land is available," explained Valerie Fuller with the Muscogee County School District

And when the Muscogee County School District saw a 91 acre plot off Macon and Midland Roads, they jumped at the opportunity to buy it. Fuller said, "There's no road development yet that leads to that land, that is still to come. But the school district is looking at future developments and future land plots. Where can we purchase land in the city because we know we're going to need it at some point."

Fuller told News Leader Nine the $1.5 million worth of land will be paid for by 2009 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax money, "Just being proactive and looking at available space for land and future plans and projects we can use that land for off Macon Road."

But official plans for the land have not been nailed down at this time.

"We have not pin-pointed a project for those 91 acres of land. We do know we have land purchased on Garrett Road where a middle school will be built. For the 91 acres specifically there's no purpose stated for that at this time," added Fuller.

The school board is expected to vote in favor of this land purchase. A part of this contract states the school system will have the opportunity to purchase adjacent properties in the future.

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