Murderer Rickey Powell sentenced to life in prison

Rickey Powell
Rickey Powell

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - News Leader 9 has been following the trial of Rickey Powell, the man accused of killing his landlord in Columbus.

Wednesday, the trial ended and two years after the brutal murder of elderly realtor Herta Bailey, her family walked out of the courtroom with a small sigh of relief.

Bailey's daughter Eileen Oravic read a letter in the courtroom Wednesday morning saying, "What kind of person kills another person over an eviction? You were right, what kind of person? And I can answer that question."

After day two of deliberation, the jury found Rickey Powell guilty of all eleven charges, including the murder of his landlord, Herta Bailey.

"It's a fact, the jury found him guilty. He killed our mother. I can say that, it's been proven in court, there is no doubt," Herta Bailey's daughter Tina Womack told News Leader Nine.

During the three day trial, witnesses testified that Powell showed police where Bailey's car was abandoned, and there they found her, dead in the trunk.

Her daughters sat in the courtroom, clutching a picture of their mother during the whole time. They said, "There were some things we weren't privy to that we learned during court. The pictures were awful, it was horrible but it was difficult. It had to be done and we got the results we were looking for."

Herta's two daughters had the opportunity to address Judge Allen and Rickey Powell after the verdict was read.

Oravic said, "I wanted him to know the impact it had on our children, our family, her friends, even strangers in the community. How we've all been affected by these tragic circumstances."

Judge Allen sentenced Rickey Powell to life in prison for the malice murder of Herta Bailey.

"This is good that it's over, we can move on to other things. We can celebrate her life more instead of having to focus so much on tragedy," both the daughters stated.

In addition to life in prison for murder, Rickey Powell will also serve a total of 78 years for robbery, theft, battery, fraud, and concealing a body. But he does have the option to appeal the decision.

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