Be There: Decimal Points

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - As kids progress in school, some subjects become more difficult to grasp, especially math. We find out how one family used a simple concept to teach a difficult math lesson.

It's tough for some children to excel in math, but it's even tougher for that same child to admit they are having a problem in the subject.

"They were going to start percentages and decimals and he was concerned because of previous experiences he felt like he was having problems with it," That's when Gregory Truitt had an idea to help his son with his schoolwork.

He explained, "I told him based off my experiences, he should relate it to money because everybody has to work with money at some point in time. I showed him some tips he could use that would help him out."

Truitt says the homework posed a problem, "Is 0.3 more or is 0.03 more? I told him to put a dollar sign in front and that would tell you what was more. For 0.3 if you want to make the same two places as 0.03 add a zero to the end."

His son Nicholas Truitt, who is in 5th grade at Rigdon Road Elementary said, "Like my dad said, I was confused because I thought 0.03 was more because it had two numbers."

And now Nicholas understands decimal points and excels in math, "I feel very confident and I do very well at it."

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