First public roundabout making intersection safer

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus' first roundabout on a busy public street is being constructed at the intersection of Warm Springs Road and Blackmon Road.

Getting used to the roundabout will be an educational process.  For some who use it daily, they already like it.  JoAnne Pearsey thinks it is helpful, "before you could not even get across."

Cheryl Eberhart said, "I am glad they finally did it.  I was afraid it was going to take a tragedy in order to get it changed.  I am glad that has not happened."

Eddie Hood works at a business on the corner of the intersection.  He said he has seen his fair share of accidents there but thinks the roundabout may be too small to work well.  "I have seen a car and a van kind of nose to nose out there yesterday, sitting there wondering who was supposed to go."

Columbus Director of Engineering explained the roundabout requires lower maintenance.  She said it is "safer than a traffic signal.  Even if you do have an accident, it is at a slower speed and your impact angles are different."  An added bonus, you do not have to sit at a red light if there is no car coming the other way.

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