Prosecutor: Bone found in Aruba belongs to a young woman

ARUBA (CNN) - A prosecutor in Aruba said an initial examination of a bone found on an Aruba beach shows it is human and belongs to a young woman, CNN reported. Authorities will now determine if it belongs to missing American teenager Natalee Holloway.

"I'm happy that it's human. And the initial finding is that it's from a young woman, so maybe we will be able to solve this case. I hope so. But we will wait to see what the findings are," Aruban prosecutor Peter Blanken told CNN.

The prosecutor said a forensic expert in Aruba made the initial determination. He cautioned that a final determination would be made by the Netherlands Forensic Institute in the Hague, but he did say the agency is "testing for a DNA match."

Tourists found the bone Nov. 12 on a beach on Caribbean island of Aruba, according to the Dutch daily De Telegraaf. The tourists turned the bone in to the front desk of the nearby Phoenix Hotel. Officials there subsequently notified police of the find.

Photos of the bone, which is believed to be a human lower jawbone, show a mandible with an intact molar, ABC News reported.

According to CNN, experts will extract DNA from where the tooth meets the bone and compare it to DNA obtained from Holloway's biological parents.