KIA Motors celebrates one year anniversary of kicking off production

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WEST POINT, GA (WTVM) - KIA Motors made its debut in West Point, Georgia just a few years ago, and this week they hit a milestone.

From the day KIA Motors broke ground, News Leader Nine has been there to let you see every phase of the West Point Plant, and this week the company is celebrating one year since production kicked off.

If you pass by the KIA automotive plant you might notice a few new characters sitting out front.

"We have the Joy Ride Characters out front in celebration of what we've accomplished and continuing to focus on the future and growing our company," explained Stuart Countess, the Director of Quality for KIA Motors.

One year ago the KIA plant in West Point, Georgia rolled the first car off the production line. Everyone involved in building that first car signed their name on the Sorento.

Countess told News Leader Nine, "The signatures on the car represent the pride people took and they put a lot of sweat and tears in this product. By their signings on this product and walking through the lobby and seeing it, it reminds them what they're doing each and every day. It's about personal pride."

Stuart Countess says during the past year the company has accomplished a lot, "In the last year we've built 100,000 vehicles, we've launched the SX model in July and August, and we brought on a second shift of operation that brings employment to 2,000 people."

And Countess adds even with big accomplishments come some big lessons, "Team members have become accustomed to building cars and we've seen an increasing level of quality and efficiency, and those are two key measures."

As another add-on to the one year anniversary, KIA Motors in West Point is re-opening their online application process for a third wave of hiring. To get more information on how you can apply for a position visit

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