Shoppers hit the stores early on Thanksgiving Day

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While some people are planning on relaxing this Thanksgiving holiday, others are gearing up for Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. But some shoppers aren't waiting until Friday, they're getting a head start on the big sales.

Whether you're grabbing some last minute groceries, getting a head start on the Black Friday deals or you just feel like getting out and shopping, there are several stores open for Thanksgiving Day.

"Well hey, its tradition, it is around here are Kmart. We've been doing it for years," said Kmart Manager Patty Deel.

Most shoppers look forward to Black Friday sales, but Kmart is putting out their blue light specials.

Deel explained, "We had board games that went over well and of course our electronics. I-pods, mp3 players, we had a lot of Wii games."

The lines may not be as long as some stores will see Friday morning. "We had about 25 to 30 people lined up outside. The crowd was calm because we had an associate outside talking to them about the specials," Patty Deel told News Leader Nine.

But many shopper, like Lakeisha Shoulders, were thankful to have a early discounts this holiday season, "It's great. I think they're out for the people and I think it's great for someone to be open for the small things they want to get."

Even stores like Big Lots, Michaels and Winn Dixie opened their doors in an effort to help out those Thanksgiving Day shopper.

"Sometimes they need things like grocery items they can get in the store like milk and bread. A lot of stores aren't open, if you need things for cooking," said Thanksgiving shopper Judy Wingett.

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