Sheriff says Russell County deputy had "ill will" towards assaulted suspect

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RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - We're learning the extensive criminal background of Patrick Harrington, the man assaulted by two Russell County Sheriff deputies over the weekend.

This story is getting a lot of attention from WTVM viewers and there are still a lot of questions surrounding this case and News Leader Nine went in search of some answers.

The biggest question on people's minds is "why did these officers respond to the scene if they weren't putting Harrington under arrest?"

The Russell county sheriff says one of the deputies had a personal vendetta against the suspect.

The three bail bondsmen in this case initially found Patrick Harrington, tased him and placed him in handcuffs.

"They were looking for this guy who jumped bond on their behalf and they were trying to capture him and put him in the local jail so they would be relieved of the responsibility of the bond," said Russell County Sheriff Tommy Boswell.

Lt. Heath Taylor, who is also the Russell County Sheriff Elect, added, "He had been on the run from these bondmen for two weeks. They'd been chasing him for weeks."

But Boswell says they weren't the only ones looking for Harrington, "Every time they tried to deal with him he was a problem."

Russell County deputy Kirby Dollar had been in contact with Harrington for several drug charges.

"One of our drug investigators had communicated to them that is they found this guy to please call the drug investigator and he would like to talk to him when they caught him," Sheriff Boswell told News Leader Nine.

And Friday night, Boswell says Dollar got the call, "When the drug agent got there, he went immediately to him on the ground and began to assault him. It was a pretty severe assault."

Since 2003 the suspect -- or victim in this case -- Patrick Harrington has a laundry list of charges on his record including possession and distribution of drugs, theft and assault. He is currently in the Lee County Detention Center. The three officers remain on administrative leave without pay.

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