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Be There: Math Counts

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Is your child struggling in math? Do you feel like you are expert enough on the subject to help them solve their homework problems? Well if not, News Leader Nine has some easy tips to help your kids.

You can recite the multiplication tables at the dinner table or have your kids balance the checkbook while you balance all the errands, or you can incorporate math into your child's day in some easier ways like these…

"Focus on the fact that math may not be your best subject, it may not be the subject you liked best, but focus on the positive aspects of how it impacts your daily life and your job to keep the kids with a positive focus," said Hope Phillips with the Columbus Mathematics Collaborative.

When it comes to math, it's not just about paperwork and calculators, you can bring a lesson into everyday activities.

Tammy Pope, who is the Muscogee County School District Title I Parent Coordinator told News Leader Nine, "When you're driving down the road looking at signs and asking them questions. Playing games, simple math games like Sorry where they count. When cooking get the kids involved such as measuring. When you're at the grocery store having them decide how much one item is, how much three items are."

Phillips added, "Whether it's looking at how much gas it takes to fill your tank, coupons at the grocery store, estimating how much certain items will cost you. Just ways children can incorporate daily math into their lives and allow them to see it as relevant."

Pope says using these helpful tips can equal a fun and informative lessons for kids of all ages, "They need those real world experiences. Not just "I need to know what 3 x 4 is" they need to know how to apply it."

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