Murder victim's mother pleads for missing son

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

LaGrange, GA (WTVM) - Jimmy Earl "Slick" Jones is now up for parole, after serving 7 of his 9 years for his involvement in Kyle Clink scales' murder, and the subsequent cover-up.

Clinkscales disappeared almost 35 years ago while on his way to Auburn, where he was a student.

The Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles has asked for his mom, Louise Clinkscales, to give her opinion on releasing Jones early.  She believes he should serve his full term "because he has deprived us of our child."

22 year old Kyle's body and car have never been found.

"It would be a comfort to know what happened so that he could be given a Christian burial, but that has never happened," explained Clinkscales.

The community has come to her defense on Facebook.  The Troup County Sheriff's Office used the social media website to get statements about the board's decision.  So far, 24 people have agreed with the distraught mother.

The Parole board must decide by April if Jones will get out 2 years early.

Sgt. Chad Mann said, "In 2014 he will max out in April.  So, there is still family that he can come home to and consol him for the time he spent behind bars.  But, Mrs. Clinkscales will never have that opportunity again."

Clinkscales warns parents to listen to their children "because there is so much out there that you cannot be too careful.  Give them their space, yet be there where they can talk to you."

If you would like to make a statement click here for the Troup County Sheriff's Office's website.

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