Missing Dog Mishka reunited with owner

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA  (WTVM) - Although Mishka made it back in Lauren Smulcer's arms this morning, it wasn't a smooth journey.

Smulcer tells News Leader Nine she found out Mishka was hit by a car within the first 15 minutes of escaping, busting her lip and scraping her paws.. But that isn't all.

"She's all scratched up she's got ticks and she smells horrible and I can't let her get away from me I don't even care. It doesn't matter I'm probably covered in nasty." Says Smulcer

When Smulcer got back to Georgia after spending Thanksgiving with family, she found out that her beloved dog Mishka had escaped from her boarding facility.

Smulcer called in world famous dog specialist Karin Tarquin. Tarquin, who has been featured on the show, the Dog Whisperer,  began tracking Mishka's path...setting bait in a familiar area to keep the dog near.

This morning after days of searching, Smulcer got her big break

"I just saw your dog run through the parking lot! I mean it was back to back within 5 minutes we had 3 people telling where she was so I knew I was right behind her."

Following leads, Smulcer ran to different business parking lots on Veterans Parkways until she was finally  led to AutoParts...when she looked across and saw what she says is her "whole world"

"She just ran straight to me and I just got down and she didn't run she, she didn't act scared she just acted happy and just curled up in my lap."

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