Heating Assistance for Columbus residents

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Updated: COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The need is so great this year for Enrichment Services Annual Heating Assistance people are lining up the night before to be one of the lucky 75 to get help with their bills.  They tell News Leader Nine, braving the 20 degree weather once is worth it to not be cold all winter long.

Enrichment Services Coordinator Belva Dorsey says the demographic of people asking for help is changing. This year there are more two-parent households applying as middle class families move into a low income bracket.  "Enrichment Services has been in existence for 45 years and so for some people they may come year after year.  But, we are beginning to see new faces."

Nancy Washington is one of those new faces. This is the first year she has had to ask for help.

"The simplest things in life that people take for granted, like, I can take a hot shower, I can plug in my heater."

Over 3,000 families in Columbus will be helped with a onetime payment to your power bill, up to $350. To qualify you must have an income less than $40,000 and a valid state ID.

Click here for Enrichment Services website.

Enrichment Services is facing a new problem, Georgia Power is now in talks to raise their rates. If passed, Dorsey expects this increase will send more people applying for Enrichment Services Heating Assistance.  At the same time, the program is receiving less state funding.

Appointments will also be given to 25 people by calling these numbers on Thursday and Friday from 9:00 - 1:00 p.m... 706-596-0504. 706-596-0534. 706-596-1800.

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