East Alabama businesses could face changes in near future

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

OPELIKA, AL  (WTVM) - Businesses in Opelika could see big changes in the near future, the city council met Tuesday night to talk about a new ordinance that could change the way business signs look in the future.

Council says it's all about improving the overall look of the city.

Two significant changes face business signs in this year's sign ordinance; the first is completely ridding the city of advertising, "not permitting with this ordinance pennants of banners that you typically see that continually advertise with the kinds of flags." Says Opelika Director of Planning Jerry Kelley.

Kelley says the ordinance will allow banners on a business for the first 30 days of a business opening to allow customers to identify the building but after 30 days the banners must go. "Sometimes you see these most at typically car dealerships and we feel like aesthetically do you really need pennants all through your parking lot."

The second major update in the sign ordinance is the actual height of a sign, "the height of a sign in our commercial districts is 75 feet now that's going to be reduced to 30."

Tuesday night's public hearing allowed residents to complain or comment on the revised ordinance but no one at the meeting had any objections.

Other guidelines in the ordinance require an electronic signs to be a certain brightness  and signs must be out of the right away of traffic, both designed to improve driving safety.

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