5 Tips to Go From Part Time to Permanent

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - "Everyday is a new day," exclaims Rebekah Van Hove! When we met her, she was carving turkey for a holiday party.

"Keeps me on my toes, keeps it fresh and I'm always learning new things."

It's likely that same enthusiasm that landed Rebekah Van Hove her job at the Rivermill Event Centre.

"I started working part time just during the holiday season and then eventually, I guess Jamie just liked the way that I worked and he wanted me to work full time for him, says Van Hove."

Rivermill Chef and Owner Jamie Keating says stories like Rebekah's are actually common among his employees.

"Maybe 60% of our staff that started off like that are now either full time, medium level employment and most of our managers started out that way as well."

That's good news for those folks looking to turn part time into full time.

"It's on the job, on the spot, we end up seeing, it's the perfect interview process, says Keating."

This holiday season alone, Toys-R-Us hired more than 45,000 additional workers.

So what's the best way to keep that job if you need to?

Here are five tips to follow:

Tip #1-Be dependable

"You want to be the one that when everybody else is running late, the manager knows that's alright, he or she is going to be there because they're always there on time," says Manpower Inc. Columbus Branch Manager Delia Postell.

Tip #2-Learn about the business

"Ask questions, let your supervisor know that you are eager to learn about the business," Postell says.

Tip#3-Treat it as a career opportunity

Postell says it's important from the beginning for job seekers to view the employment as more than just a "job."

Tip#4-Keep lines of communication open

For example, Postell says it's okay to let your boss know you're interested in full time work, but at the same time, she says be tactful about it. "You don't want to ask every Friday, so am I going to get a full time job?"

Tip #5-Avoid office politics

"If your supervisor is looking at who has really been a constant over this holiday season and you've got those that have created drama and maybe more work for that supervisor, and then you've got that one that was just dependable, came to work on time, did a great job, that's the person they're going to remember, Postell explains."

Seems that's exactly what Rebekah did, she's even got some advice of her own.

"Put your heart into it, if you really, really want that job, then you need to make sure you know your boss, even though it's part time, that this is what you love to do and you're passionate about it and you're into it!"

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