Valley, AL doctor will head Medicaid program

By Katherine Kington - email | Twitter

VALLEY, AL (WTVM) - An East Alabama doctor will lead the state's less fortunate in medical needs.

Dr. Bob Mullins of Valley Alabama has been personally appointed by governor-elect Robert Bentley as Alabama's new Medicaid director.

More than 900,000 Alabamians are currently using Medicaid services for everything from doctor check-ups to serious hospital visits....and Dr. Bob Mullins says in the next 4 years...that number is expected to grow to 1.2 Million.

As the new head of Medicaid in Alabama, Dr. Mullins' job is to make that possible. He says, "I have to come up with a budget, tell him what we need to do and how we do it and present that to the governor and see if he can get money for legislation."

If Governor-elect Bentley cannot get the requested amount of money for Alabama Medicaid...Dr. Mullins tries a different budget. "I can't tell you how many people I see every week that have need, need to be on Medicaid or something and they have no means."

Mullins and Bentley grew up together...just a few doors down from each other.

Over a life-long friendship...they say politics, medicine and the future of Alabamians became everyday conversations.

Mullins says when he was first asked to fill the position, he immediately declined...but after 3 days of losing sleep over it, he knew he had too... because he believed Medicaid could change for the better.

"Being able to come up with enough money to expand the program that we're going to have to do and make payments on it."

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