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Number of college graduates down in Georgia

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- New research shows that 72% of Georgia students that finished high school within the last 12 months enrolled in college.

That's the good news. And the bad news: the report shows more than half of these students aren't completing college at all. Kimberli Render, a senior at Columbus State, says that the almighty dollar is the biggest road block for most students.

"I think the biggest difficulty that we run into as students is financial support. There are a lot scholarships out there and grants but it's really hard to get a hold to them a lot of times," Render said.

Columbus State University Interim provost and VP for academic affairs Dr. Tom Hackett sites reasons like, jobs and not being ready for the responsibilities of college life.

"I think one thing that contributes to student's not finishing college is lack of being mentally prepared for the rigors of college," Hackett said.

 Hackett says that students need to be focused because college is a big step up from high school.

"They have to be self directed and also there is a lot of competing, things out there to draw their attention away from their studies," Hackett said.

And that's why they have programs like the first year experience at CSU to help students get acclimated to college life.

 "It's a way to transition form that high school environment into the college environment," Hackett said.

CSU senior Kim Render says that it's all about being organized and sticking with it... even when times are tough.

"They tell you your freshman year that if there are three of us sitting there only one of will make it out and sure enough it happens every year that way," Render said.

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