Students evacuate middle school due to gas leak

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) –  Students at Eddy Middle School in south Columbus evacuated the building Friday morning after the discovery of a gas leak.

Students were transported to nearby South Columbus Elementary on Torch Hill Road and South Lumpkin Roads.

Administrators contacted parents via Blackboard Connect to checkout or pick up their child at the South Columbus Elementary campus.

The Muscogee County School District tells us, they do not want to run the buses early and run the risk of sending kids to empty homes.

Officials will run the buses at normal time, but most of the students have been picked up by parents.

Atmos Energy told the school district, that the pipes in the school are the source of the gas leak.  Atmos operates underground pipes and found no natural gas leak in and around the school's grounds.

Crews says the gas leak is coming from a catch basin.  We are told there is an old 1 ¼" pipe that's been there since the school was built in the 60s. It's believed due to many freezes over the years, the pipe shifted due to corrosion and cracked.

Plant services say they located the leak but suspect several other leaks.

It's not known at this time when students will be able to return to the school or how long it will take to repair the leaks.

News Leader 9 is following this story. We'll have the latest information as soon as it becomes available.

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