Your tax refund could be late

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Time is ticking on Capitol Hill for Congress to make a decision about Bush Era tax cuts, if it doesn't happen soon.

"It really complicates things a lot, and hopefully they work out a deal in the next week or two if they wait until next year, we can almost guarantee refunds will be delayed," says tax preparer Steve Brown of Mr. Tax of America.

Why would your refund be delayed?  Brown says each time Congress approves a change, it trickles to the IRS, then preparers across the country.

"They're going to have to re-program computers, software, and if you buy your own software to do your taxes, don't buy it early cause it'll be obsolete, adds Brown."

The Bush era tax cuts aren't the only move taxpayers are waiting on. Each year Congress approves dozens of temporary changes to the tax code, some of that hasn't happened either.

"Congress never approved, they usually do a temporary fix every year, we have no alternative minimum tax and that affects a lot of people, and it's very complicated."

Brown also says there are several credits set to expire that Congress could bring back.

"There was a temporary $1,000 child tax credit, also there were temporary refundable educational credits."

Brown says it could be the end of the year before we find out if those credits will be applicable for this tax year.

"I'm telling my clients not to be in a hurry to file too early this year."

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