Mothers of Rape Suspects Speak

COLUMBUS, Ga. (WTVM) -- Yolanda Morris is one of two mothers coming to the defense of their sons. Both young boys were arrested December 1st and charged as adults. They are accused of raping a then 12-year-old girl back on May 23rd of this year.

Her 16 year-old son is accused of raping the girl, while another 16-year-old, a Northside high school student, allegedly held her down inside her bedroom. The mothers say the boys were 15 at the time of the alleged incident.

"He stated to me that she invited them over," Yolanda Morris told News Leader 9's James Valles. "He went over. They talked for awhile. They proceeded to have sexual intercourse."

Morris says that sex was consensual and claims her son is innocent.

"The sex was consensual," Morris explains. "My son has never inappropriately touched any female. It just was pure consensual sex between minors."

The grandmother of the alleged victim told us, the girl didn't know either of the boys, but they came into her house and attacked her. But, Morris, the boy's mother, says that is not true.

The 16-year accused of holding down the girl says he and another friend stopped by to see his friend that night at the home where this happened.  He says the victim's step-brother let him in and that the other suspect and victim were already having sex, but he never went into the bedroom.

That boy's mother also talked to us, but wants to remain anonymous.  She says her son is innocent and hopes the truth comes out.

"You've taken away everything I'm working hard for," she said. "Because of something like this, you've got my child being humiliated and embarrassed."