Thousands of jobs headed to the Chattahoochee Valley

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- Hospitals, manufacturers, sales companies, and army contractors are all bringing more than 11,000 jobs total to Columbus and the surrounding areas.

What exactly do you have to do to get one of these jobs?

Thanks to research being conducted by the Greater Columbus chamber of commerce, Georgia tech and Strategic HR Partners those answers are coming soon.

"This will tell them what the employers are looking for, the education, the skills requirement and if they find they do not have them it will also have the information on where they can go to get the training or the education that will be needed to get the jobs," Janeen Tucker said.

Jobs that are expected to come within the next 6 months. Compensation and benefit surveys lead by Strategic HR partners here in Columbus are being used so that employers know the kinds of competitive salaries to offer potential employees in this region.

"It's going to give you al lot of information as a company owner and as someone in HR offering benefits as to where you are and what you are offering, what you are hiring, and what your benefit structure looks like," Janeen Tucker said.

Strategic HR partner's president and CEO Charles little says that the surveys are important and helps employers and employees make sure that everyone gets the best deal.

"A lot of the growth is going to be people bring new business to the area and they need to know what they need to compete with and what they need to be offering in order to get and retain the best employees," Charlie Little said.

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