Oregon using Hawkins to simulate Newton

By Kristin Gold  - bio | email | Twitter

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The Oregon Ducks are already two weeks ahead of the Auburn Tigers. While Auburn just returned to practice this past weekend after two weeks off, the Ducks have used those two weeks to try to create a plan to stop Cam Newton.

Third string quarterback and receiver Daryl Hawkins has been emulating Newton during practice.

"Cam Newton is 6'6 250 and Daryl is 6'2 190," said Oregon Junior Safety Eddie Pleasant. "But, he's doing a pretty good job he's out there working hard on the scout team, quarterback, making guys run around making guys miss but Daryl's doing a pretty good job so far."

While Hawkins is not a perfect match, Coach Chip Kelly admits that he's the best option they have right now.

"Obviously he's a different animal but you know you can't bring in somebody from the outside and you gotta use what you have, Daryl is as good as we have to simulate."

Many teams have tried to stop Newton, but to no avail as the Tigers are 13-0 heading into the BCS National Championship Game.

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