GA county reprimands 6 firefighters over video

ATLANTA (AP) - Six firefighters in Georgia have been reprimanded after 1 of their colleagues used a cell phone to record a gruesome video showing the severe injuries of a woman killed in a crash.

That video circulated outside the fire department and was eventually sent to the victim's parents.

Spalding County authorities said Wednesday that written reprimands were given to supervisors Michael Windham and Buford Lee Slaughter and firefighters Eric Huggins, Franklin McDowell and Joshua Tomlinson. County authorities said they knew or should have known about the video but didn't report it.

Another firefighter, Jarrison McBrayer, received an oral reprimand.

It was unclear if the firefighters have attorneys.

County officials have already moved to dismiss firefighter Terrence Reid for taking the video. His lawyer has promised to appeal.

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