Shoppers take advantage of Pawn shop deals

By Curtis McCloud -   bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- With Christmas right around the corner the folks here at North Side Pawn are seeing a significant increase in foot traffic.

"We've had twenty to thirty people in the store all day long all week long and you know it's up a little bit from last year as far as the traffic flow and we are thankful for that," Robbie Whitten said.

Robbie Whitten, the owner of North Side Pawn says business is booming!

"Our sales are up for the year we have four locations and all four stores are doing very well this Christmas season," Whitten said.

Shoppers like Nicole Devaries are making sure of that. She shopped at local pawn shops today hoping to find some last minute Christmas gifts.

"Going to the pawn shop seemed like a perfect alternative to me, I was hoping I could find deals here similar to what I could find on EBay, so I could walk out with today and give it somebody tomorrow," Devaries.

Devaries is not alone other shoppers are jumping out of retail lines and taking advantage of the deals at pawn shops throughout the area," Devaries said.

"I'm not going to the mall and don't like going to the mall and I've bought most of my Christmas presents throughout the year at the pawn shop,"

Whitten sites the economy as a reason why more and more people are rummaging through the shelves at pawn shops.

"People are being more and more frugal with their money; they are shopping and looking for better deals, trying to make that dollar stretch a little further," Pawn Shopper.

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