Preparations begin for New Year's Eve

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM)- Businesses in downtown Columbus are getting ready for the hundreds, if not thousands, of people that are expected to come out and ring in the New Year.

"All the bars downtown will have different things but it's going to be lots of people, bands live music," Monita Alcantara said.

"It's going to be so packed downtown you don't want to drive down here," Alcantara said.

Monita Alcantara is the manager at Scruffy Murphy's bar. While Alcantara and her crew are gearing up for Friday night's celebrations, they are also making sure that things will be safe for everyone.

"With all the security that we have and the bartenders, and servers that know how to provide drinks safely and properly you get to have a good time," Alcantara said.

Businesses aren't the only ones with a vigilant eye this holiday; the Columbus police will be combing the streets to make sure that everyone is safe.

"We ask that you find some type of organized event, such as some type of fireworks display that is going be held this New Year, New Year's Eve," Captain William Turner said.

Captain Turner says that people should remember that only sparkler type fire crackers are allowed in the city and shooting a gun in city limits is illegal.

"We must remember that whatever goes up must come down and those projectiles that you fire in the air once they come down they are still lethal," Turner said.

Turner also adds a word of caution to people who plan on drinking excessive amounts of alcohol.

"If you are going to drink please do not drive and for those of you that are on the highway please lookout for drunk drivers," Captain Turner said.

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