Cam Newton served food to homeless for Christmas

AUBURN, AL (AP) - Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton spent part of Christmas Day dishing out green beans. Or "Santa beans" as he called them.

The Auburn quarterback said Wednesday he spent about two hours at Turner Field in Atlanta serving homeless people for Hosea Feed the Hungry, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the Martin Luther King Jr. People's Church of Love.

Newton says he posed for some pictures but for the most part "had to step outside of Cam Newton the athlete and step into Cam Newton the human being and the person that is very caring."

He says it was an "eye-opener" and something he wants to do again soon.

Newton says the trip home to Atlanta was nice after a whirlwind when he won the Heisman and the Davey O'Brien and Maxwell awards.

He says his family won't let all that get to him.

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