Groupon in Columbus

By Laura Ann Sills - bioemail

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Groupon, an online coupon company new to Columbus, is a free service for consumers that features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in the Valley.

Today's Groupon - a $60 conditioning service at Williams Salon for only $29.  Shannon Cohagan, Williams Salon Coordinator said, "It is just another way of being able to market your business and services to your local area."

Residents can check the website or sign up to receive the daily deal in an email. After paying for your Groupon, you simply print it off.  Usually the coupon is valid for a year.

Columbus resident Selwyn Kelley just signed up for the service.  Yesterday she got a $10 gift card to Chill Yogurt Café for $5.  "It is so nice, more convenient than sitting down with a paper and a pair of scissors an slipping coupons out," explained Kelley.

Groupon-Columbus, GA already has over 13,000 subscribers. Sales reps say that number goes up by 300 each day.

The service is good news for local businesses too. They get a report of who is using the discount.  Chill Manager, Tracey Hall, said, "To be able to track and see how many customers we might have targeted that really do not venture out everyday and just drive by and see about us or hear about us from friends and family."

Hall said getting someone in the door is the key to good marketing. "All it takes is one time and they will be back for more, I promise you that."

"I think Groupon coming to Columbus will be great because we are rapidly growing and businesses are coming so it will be wonderful to have daily deals for Columbus," said Kelley.

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