Towns make friendly BCS wager

LEE COUNTY, AL - The outcome of the BCS National Championship Game on January 10 will make more than just the citizens of one county and state proud… it will also benefit unwanted and neglected animals.

In a friendly wager based on the outcome of the game, Lee County Administrator Roger Rendleman (an Auburn University alum) and Lane County, Oregon Administrator Liane Richardson (a University of Oregon alum) have agreed to donate to the opponent's local animal shelter the pounds of food equal to the total offense produced by the winning team.

While on the surface it may seem the two counties are vastly different, upon a closer look they have more in common than just a championship caliber team with an explosive offense. Both Lee County and Lane County are currently dealing with issues of growth as well as appealing to tourists because of outstanding outdoor activities.

Both have also made strides to address the issue of unwanted and neglected animals within their respective county. While somewhat different in structure, Lane County's Animal Services and the Lee County Humane Society share a common mission – to help animals. Both Rendleman and Richardson feel a donation to the winning county's animal shelter would further that mission.

Each administrator also vowed to recognize the opposing school during a regular County Commission meeting. Whether that recognition includes the singing of either "Mighty Oregon" or "War Eagle" by the losing administrator is unknown. Neither administrator could be reached to confirm rumors that this had been included as a provision of the wager.

Given the importance of transparency in the current economic situation, each administrator is using personal resources for this friendly wager. No public dollars are being expended.

Source: Lee County, Alabama, Lane County, Oregon