Be There: SADD Grant

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  The Muscogee County School District has been honored with an $18,000 grant to help students against destructive decisions, or SADD, in area high schools.

Valerie Fuller with the Muscogee County School District said, "We received a $2,000 grant and it will be used for highway safety measures for our SADD chapters in the Muscogee County Schools District."

That's $2,000 for each of the nine high schools in the county! But what can a student organization do with that much money?

Fuller explained, "What that means to us is at least nine schools in the district will use those funds with their advisors and their SADD chapters to conduct seat belt safety checks, driving simulators, work with the Columbus Police Department, campaigns such as the prom campaign to prevent drunk driving and to help reduce injuries or accidents."

The Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety believes awarding these grants to school districts in the state will encourage more students to participate in the safe driving programs and spread the word to classmates.

"The main purpose of this grant from the Highway Safety Office is so we can reduce teen accidents and crashes because we know they can be prevented. The more education they receive, the more activities they plan, and experience with students throughout the district, the more apt they are not to drink and drive or even attempt to drink and drive and be more conscious on the roadways," Fuller told News Leader Nine.

And in return, Fuller adds less car accidents will claim the lives of Georgia teens, "Each year we have leading numbers in Georgia in reference to teen drivers who are in crashes. We want to reduce those numbers and if this $2,000 will help us do it, then we're grateful to have it."

The $2,000 per school will also help send the SADD advisors, president and several members to statewide leadership training.

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