Free work-out apps

By Web Staff – email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM/KCBD) – Are you trying to get rid of some extra pounds? There is a high tech tool that can help you stick to your resolve.

It's as easy as downloading the app on your phone.

Check out 40-30-30.

Dr. Kamilia Smith, an OB-GYN, says this app is her personal pick. "That's how we should be living our life – 40% of our calories should be consumed at breakfast, 30% at lunch and 30 % at dinner," says Dr. Smith.   

The app is also designed to help you calculate the amount of calories you consume in three groups: carbs, protein and fat.

It's quite a chore figuring out the percentages of macronutrients you take in – that's where the app kicks in.

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