Fox found in Columbus backyard

by Web Staff - email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus Animal Control officers are investigating a fox discovered in local backyard over the weekend. The man who lives there killed the potentially rabid animal and then called 9-1-1.

Chris Brown is the Special Enforcement Manager for Columbus Animal Control.  He said Animal Control decided to send the body of the animal to Albany, Georgia for rabies testing because it was in such a highly populated residence.  The man who called animal control also claimed the animal was acting strangely.

Brown said this is an indication of rabies because, "Normally you don't see a fox for example in the day time lying on someone's porch."

While Brown explained rabies threats are not a normal occurrence for the Columbus area, he believes people could come in contact with wild animals more in the future, "As the development continues in our area and more and more animals are displaced from their natural habitat, I believe people are going to see more wild animals in places you don't normally see them."

Animal control officers stress two things: if you see any animals acting out of the norm call Animal Control and make sure to get in touch with the Health Department if you have any contact with the animal.

The results came in Thursday on the fox, and the animal does not have rabies.  No word yet if the man who killed that fox will face any charges.

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