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Volunteers come out to help renovate house of military veteran

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) It's a special day at Lillian Pitts' home in east highland. Local leaders and a team of volunteers are working to revamp this home of a hero. Lillian's husband Elijah Pitts, who died in 2006 served in the U-S Military and is veteran of the Korean War.

As part of the day of service, volunteers, state and community leaders are working on the Pitts home to say thank you. We honor those people who served us and get out and help them facilitate any you know help them fix up their homes and do those kind of things," Senator Seth Harp said.

"They started coming in I had never seen so many people getting ready to work and get to work so quickly in my life," Lillian Pitts said.

Throughout the day volunteers worked in and outside of the house. Applying fresh coats of paint and sprucing up the yard. That's where we found Commander of the maneuver center of excellent Major General Robert Brown.

"You know I just have had a passion my whole life that we've got to do everything we can for our veterans, they made a sacrifice for all of us for our freedom so I'm just proud to see so many volunteers out," Major General Robert Brown said.

Pitts says she is grateful for everyone's help today. She anticipates everything being finished by Monday. President of the Greater Columbus Chamber of commerce Mike Gayman says that today's efforts were well deserved.

" To give back to a window of a veteran and that we can give a few hours of our time and whatever manual labor I can give back to say thank you for your service, thank you for supporting him or here and we love you and this country loves you, thank you," Gayman said.

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