Toomer's Corner barber pulling for the Tigers

By Chuck Leonard  - bio | email

AUBURN, AL. (WTVM) -  The University Barber Shop is a stone's throw away from the Auburn campus. Darsie Rogers opened the place in 1960, and will always remember his first day on the job. "When I opened this shop up I was an Alabama fan. I didn't know no better, hadn't ever been to Auburn. But when I opened the door at 6:30 in the morning, by 8:30, I was a full-blooded Auburn man."

If you do the math, Rogers has been cutting hair for 50 years. He says there's an advantage to being so close to the university. "We've had about all the coaches in and out at certain times, from Pat Dye to Gene Chizik." Players come too, like Pat Sullivan's favorite target. "Ol Terry Beasley, he used to love to get his hair straightened. You weren't supposed to straighten it but about once a month. He'd get it straightened every week."

Rogers is aware that traditional barber shops aren't as common as they used to be.  He says over the years customers decided to try something different. "Lot of 'em started going to these styling shops. Them styling shops don't have the jokes we do." But when we asked for an example of barber shop humor, Rogers deferred. "We don't need to talk about that. We need to talk about something else."

As for his prediction of the BCS Championship game, "We're going to win. I don't know when and where, what part of the game it'll be, but when it's all over we're going to be in the lead."

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