Be There: Getting in Shape

By Taylor Barnhill  - bio | email

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) -  Waking up early, to go to school, with your mom and work out... It sounds like a nightmare for most kids, but the Ellison family has made it fun.

"Myself and a couple teachers and Principal Bell decided we'd try it with them and we started doing it in the mornings," explained Shari Ellison.

Her daughter, Kymberly Ellison is a junior at Hardaway High School and plays on the girls' basketball team. Kymberly said, "It helps us as a team because we're bonding, working out, getting in shape and getting ready for the games."

Shari Ellison not only told her daughter to go and work out with her Hardaway High School basketball team, but she got herself to the gym as well.

The girls' basketball coach, Kendall Mills, told News Leader Nine, "She's the team mom. They all love her. She's here every day. I think it can be motivating to the girls. They see an older, beautiful woman working out here every day and staying in shape. I hope it motivates them to lead a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives."

Kymberly added, "It gets everybody motivated, especially me, because I want to grow up to be like my mom."

She not only challenges the team physically, but Shari says she pushes them mentally as well, "The better conditioned they are, the better they'll play. The team in the best condition will usually be the team that wins at the end of the night."

And by taking time out of her day, Shari is teaching her daughter an important lesson.

"It shows me she cares about me and wants to push me hard so I'll be good at basketball," said Kymberly.

Shari added, "You have to make it fun, you have to find something they really enjoy doing and you have to incorporate it into what they like to do."

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